Legacy Films For High
Net Worth Families


Legacy Films For High
Net Worth Families


Many films. One purpose

There's only one reason to hire us—

To save your family.

Yes, that's a bold, ambitious statement, and we can't promise complete cohesion in all cases, but if you do not go to extreme lengths to strengthen your family, the likelihood of relationships surviving even past fifty years is appallingly slim. 

High net worth families endure challenges that strain even the strongest relationships. Some call this the "Midas curse" because history has proven that 70% of wealth and relationships are lost by the time they hit the grandchildren.    

But what if your grandchildren know who and whose they are? What if they have compassion and empathy for others? What if they feel a sense of belonging to a family that has a clearly defined purpose and mission that was bigger than themselves?

That's the power of your backstory. 

“Stories give us a framework for living.”

— robert mckee

A strong family narrative may be the most powerful way you can pass your legacy to your grandchildren.

Click below to download "Preventing High Net Worth Families From Falling Apart."

How great families stay great

What is the secret sauce that helps High Performing Families (these are the 30% of high net worth families who don't fall apart) actually survive? What helps them stay effective, resilient, and happy?

They do several things intentionally. 

  1. They create a culture of communication and trust
  2. They provide intergenerational mentoring
  3. They unite everyone around a common vision/purpose

In other words, members of high performing families know who they are, where they came from, why they're here, and what they are all working together to accomplish. 

Storytelling is key. 



Research shows that families who tell stories have kids who are happier, more resilient, interact better with their peers, moderate stress better, and have higher self-esteem. 

Imagine if your family story were to give your grandchildren:

  • A higher sense of purpose
  • A feeling of belonging
  • A clear core identity
  • A set of personal and family values
  • Deeper feelings of compassion and empathy

Whoever you choose to lend a hand, make sure they're laser focused on helping your grandchildren feel like they're part of your story. That's what I'm here to help you with. 

The power of filming your story

Never in the history of the world has there been an opportunity such as we have now to create stories that can live forever in the hearts and minds of your children, grandchildren, and beyond. 

Film is the most powerful of all art forms because it contains every art form—music, imagery, movement, light, color, symbolism, choreography, poetry, prose, and above all story.

“Stories are the most powerful form of human communication.”

— Peg C. Neuhauser

Let your family stories be inspiration for generations to come.

Want to see the power in knowing a person's backstory? Click below to watch the six-minute film, "Falling Up."

Imagine if your life lessons were unforgettably preserved for your grandchildren like this. 

Pick your story style

There are many ways to tell your stories. We'll work with you to discover the storytelling style that best meets your individual tastes and the needs of your family. 

Through a family legacy film you can:

  1. Clarify the family story giving your grandchildren a powerful sense of belonging to a family that matters (important identity)
  2. Provide intergenerational mentoring (transfer your values)
  3. Unite everyone around a common vision and purpose

“You can never enslave somebody who knows who he is.”

— alex haley

Below are three storytelling styles that show how you can accomplish your objectives whether you'd like to pass down your wisdom and insights through a robust series of masterclasses, or whether you'd like to provide multiple points of view through a documentary, or whether you'd like to go "Full Hollywood" with a dramatic family narrative short film. 

Click below to see what's been done for others. 


Properly done, your stories can be the glue that keeps your family together. We don’t take this matter lightly.

The investment is $110,000

(Note: accepting only 2 more legacy film projects this year)

Your project calls for extra time and attention to achieve the objectives you desire. It will likely take at least six months to complete your film(s).

That you’re still reading this means you know this can work. Through your story you can help your children and grandchildren feel a strong sense of belonging, uncover a powerful identity, and unite around a clear family purpose. Your story can help keep your family together for generations.


— steve saint

Here’s what’s expected of you

You must be open, coachable, and ready to begin. We will do all the heavy lifting for you, but for this to work you must be willing to be authentic, accessible, and at times uncomfortably vulnerable.

Make your family incredibly great

Yes, history and statistics are against you, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Dig in. Strengthen your family. Let them know they story they belong to. Give them a vision, a purpose, and a clear strong family narrative. 

You have every opportunity and resource available to you. Use them. 

You can not only save your family, but you can make them truly great. 

While 70% of families (and 90% of family businesses) will lose their wealth by the time it hits their grandchildren, there are families who not only survive, but thrive. 

They have tight knit family relationships. They have love and concern for one another and for others around them. They feel love, compassion, and empathy. They make a difference in their communities and in the world. They know who they are and what they’re about. They feel proud of the family in which they belong and feel a responsibility to carry on the family mission. 

Yes, you can do this.

We're happy to help. 

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We're happy to answer any questions. 

You can see we're passionate about family. It's our number one goal to help keep your family together. We're on your team. 

You may have come across cheaper filmmakers and production companies. And there is a reason they are cheap. In order for us to develop and deliver the kind of legacy film(s) you deserve requires preparation, research and a huge investment on our part. 

If you're ready to begin the process of unearthing, creating, and preserving your core family narrative, please contact us as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is, we wish we could help more families, but we simply can't. We must be selective with the handful of families we are able to serve. We hope that will be yours. 

Let's have a conversation and see if a Bacstory film is right for you.

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